Kinky Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Legal prostitution is a very important part of tourism in the Netherlands. There’s more than one city in the region that offers the services of sex workers, but Amsterdam is the most well known and popular among locals and tourists. The Red Light District (District) is situated in the oldest area of the city and has existed since the 14th century. It was named for the neon signs advertising sex workers in various degrees of undress. It’s a very lucrative component of the tourism business in the Netherlands. The area boasts many other attractions such as museums and has beautiful scenery for walking tours.

The District is a short walk from Amsterdam Central and is located inside the city center. It’s close to the harbor where the development of prostitution has taken place for centuries. A large population of immigrants have resided in and around the harbor and sailors would frequent the area to drink and unwind. This was done mainly in the taverns and other drinking establishments. Prostitutes were also a big part of this ritual. Soldiers also spent a lot of time with prostitutes during wartime. Many of these military men were from the United Kingdom, and it shows with today’s modern progression of kinky London escorts. The Red Light District is also known as “De Wallen,” which means walls. Many of the areas around the harbor and some of the canals that led into the harbor were walled. It is also said that the word “wall” is the term that was used for the services of a prostitute. There are currently hundreds of sex workers to choose from in the District and over a hundred brothels. Many private houses and escort service Amsterdam companies also cater to the wants and needs of clients from all over the world. There’s very little that’s considered taboo and you can choose from a range of beautiful, sexy women from every background and all walks of life to live out your fantasies and satisfy your desires. Prostitution is considered a regular job in the Netherlands and was legalized in the year 2000. Sex workers are eligible for all the benefits that the average worker receives. These benefits include unemployment and disability. They pay taxes and have the same legal rights as every other worker in the country.

Various types of businesses that employ sex workers like brothels are also legal. Business owners are required to secure the appropriate license in order to operate the business and hire sex workers. The Dutch’s legalization of prostitution was a good business move, but it also offers protection to sex workers who choose that path in life. In addition, legalization has been beneficial in the fight against human trafficking. The legal age to secure employment as a sex worker in the Netherlands is 21.

Business owners have to safeguard the health of its workers and customers by maintaining standards for safety. A health certificate from local authorities is required to operate this type of business. Sex workers have access to medical care for regular visits to check and maintain their health.